By Kathleen Rake

A quick word about campaign cycle vs. sales cycle.

Why we call it acampaign cycle, not a sales cycle

When we work with our clients, we write, edit, and create content designed to help move them through particular campaigns. What we've created then becomes integral to the campaign cycle.

The content we create for these campaigns often includes:

  • eNewsletters and advertorials,
  • media releases and newspaper articles,
  • case studies and white papers,
  • social media and blog posts,
  • website copy, and more.

I use the term campaign cycle rather than sales cycle with purpose.


Every campaign has a beginning, middle, end with a goal, and several important points and moments in between.

Bring the end to meet the beginning, and you have a cycle. Now, think of that cycle as a gear—just one gear in a complex series working together to move the sales cycle, which in turn drives the engine we call the organization.

It is important, I think, to emphasize that not every cycle is a sales cycle and not every campaign is meant to sell stuff; at least, not directly in exchange for dollars. Governments, charities, and non-profit organizations, as well as industrial and commercial enterprises have campaigns to change a point of view, accelerate acceptance of a new idea, or repair public-perception damage quickly.


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Good-Fast-CheapBy Kathleen Rake

Are you a business writer, poet, graphic artist, web designer, painter, musician, photographer or another creative soul who makes a living selling your expertise, art, ideas, and the expression of same?

Here is an infographic I created. Let me know if you think it is too cheeky or not blunt enough.

When you view this infographic with your critical, professional eye, please kindly remember I am a writer/editor/publisher, not a graphic artist.

And, consider this my "express written permission" to share it, if you like it.

Download the PDF.



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By Kathleen Rake

At Houtson PR, author Hamish Thompson shares his "list of the most annoying pieces of jargon." Of the top 10 he listed, #7 has been in my top 3 since the 1990s. My #1, which has no mention anywhere in the article, is the word overwhelm, when used as a noun.

And while unicorn was not on the top-10 list, I was sorry to see it cited under the "Other (please specify)" category because some may confuse the beautiful mythical creature with the other one.



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You Want WOW: An introductory writing workshop for small business and the solo-preneur

By Kathleen Rake

I am looking forward to presenting You Want WOW! on December 4 to the Self Employment Program clients at South Fraser Community Futures' Abbotsford location. 

You want wowAre you ready to move your target audience to action with words that are meaningful, compelling, and value-packed? If you think your organization would benefit from this workshop, or if you simply want to know more, please connect with us by phone or email.


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My Wine-soaked Quest for Success

BPW - Mission, BCMany thanks to the Business & Professional Women's Club of Mission, BC (BPW) for inviting me to speak during their AGM this week. I know there will be lots of familiar faces, but many new ones--I am looking forward to seeing both!

BPW gave me no parameters (except the time limitation) but I understand the members like to hear personal stories about why and how women arrived at their professions and how they navigated nay-sayers and road blocks to continue on their respective paths to success. So, that's what I am going to share in a talk titled My Wine-soaked Quest for Success

If you'd like to join in for lunch, please contact BPW Mission directly to reserve your seat. You have until midnight on Monday, April 20. BPW appreciates that people's schedules often have last-minute openings; however, they are unable to accommodate walk-ins.

BPW Mission Luncheon and AGM

Rockwells Bar & Grill, Chapel Room
32281 Lougheed Hwy., Mission, BC

Wed., Apr. 22, 2015
11:15 - 1:00 PM-Lunch served at 11:45

$20 Members
$25 Guests




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Economic development moves & grooves in Mission, BC: March BIZeNews online now

Lots of information in this edition of BIZeNews about the new technical centre in Mission, BC: SRCTec, a place to develop "technology expertise," especially in the agri-food sector. Also, a profile on the long-serving Mission fixture Symons Tire & Automotive Centre, and a quick word or two about the Mission Economic Development office's move and North Fraser Community Futures' brand-building exercise.

Go ahead! Click on this image to read the March 2015 issue of Mission BIZeNews!



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