English is hard: 9 sets of words we commonly misuse or misspell

By Kathleen Rake

Not only is English hard, it's silly. I mean, really? How can so many words sound so similar?

And how many times have you typed expect instead of except? Or fro, when you meant for? What about affect, when you should have typed effect? Your spell-checking program isn't likely to pick up those spelling errors or misused words because the mistakes and misuses are actual words, and as long as you spelled those correctly . . . <sigh>

Here's an infographic with nine sets of words that are easy to misuse, misspell, mistake, or
mis-almost-anything. And while you probably already know them, if you're like me, a reminder is always welcome.

Download the infographic now. Please feel free to share with your circles.

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How much does a press release cost?

By Kathleen Rake
How much does a press release cost?
Ha! It's a simple question, with a less-than-simple answer: Somewhere between $25 and $4,500.
The media release (press release/news release) is a powerful and cost-effective marketing and promotions tool, especially for a growing organization. But it's JUST ONE of many important and effective tools. You have to be sure to use it in the right place at the right time.
Read what Bill Byrne of Remedy Public Relations says about it in his article at Muck Rack.


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Inspire Me Fitness: Business excellence in Mission, BC

By Kathleen Rake

"Healthy people are the foundation for a strong community," say Denise and Candyce Fowle, owners of Inspire Me Fitness and Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award recipients. 

2019-03-08-Inspire Me FitnessBelow is the link to our piece featuring these women and their business, published today, International Women's Day, in the Mission City Record.

Perfect timing. Right?

Down arrows (2)

Read the story: 
Download 2019-03-08_Spotlight on Business Excellence-Inspire Me Fitness

Connect with Inspire Me Fitness on social media:


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Website redesign: Horror or hooray?

By Kathleen Rake

It's exciting to plan something new, right? I think so, too.

Horror or Hooray

I was surprised, however, by the number of horror stories people shared when I mentioned we're setting the plan to redesign our website to accommodate (and promote) our business and its new directions.

So, that started me thinking: Why?

Why so many horror stories?

While I can't be sure why others experienced horrors, I'm pretty sure I can guess. And I'm pretty sure these are the three reasons we won't. 

  1. Before we made a commitment or paid any money, we had several conversations with our website designer to make sure he understood our business and its new directions.
  2. Then we worked to determine (A) he grasps our big-picture goals for the business in general and website in particular, and (B) has the technical skills to accomplish what we want and need.
  3. Once we were confident he understood us and had the needed technical skills, we put things on paper: timeline, tasks, who owns what, fee, payment method, payment schedule, everything he will do, everything he will NOT do, everything we are expected to supply or do, etc. 

Now neither of us has to guess what the other understands or expects, which means we both can move forward with smiles on our faces. At completion, instead of sharing horror stories, we'll shout Hooray! because we took the time/effort/energy to communicate–in person and in writing.


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Secrets Revealed: How to break free from your J-O-B and become a successful freelance writer

By Kathleen Rake

I'll bet most of you who know me know that since 2010 I've had success as a full-time freelance writer—as a freelance copywriter and content creator. Prior to that, since the mid-1990s, I did it part-time, at nights and on weekends, off the corner of my home-office desk—the proverbial side hustle

Freelance Copywriter Success-Secrets Revealed

But, do you also know that over the course of six years and prior to breaking out solo as a freelancer, I worked as a business advisor within a self-employment program and helped hundreds of new entrepreneurs from the Fraser Valley—Mission, Chilliwack, Abbotsford, and Langley—start and run their own businesses? Many of these business people continue with their success, even after 10 years. 

If you know how to write and wonder if you might have a future as a freelance writer, the kind who gets to make your own hours, choose the best clients, and make enough money to pay the mortgage, buy groceries, and fully support yourself and your family—with vacations thrown in for good measure—then please join me at my 30-day pop-up Facebook page, Freelance Copywriter Success: Secrets Revealed. It starts today, is free, and you don't have to do anything but ask questions and read answers. The pop-up closes March 19, 2018.

In addition to answering your questions, I'll provide access to 

  • bits of wisdom to help you from making our mistakes;
  • cheat sheets to help you move forward;
  • tricks + tips to make things super simple;
  • proven success strategies; and, yes, the
  • secrets successful freelance writers use every day.

This pop-up is a closed group so only those within it can read your questions and the answers. Just go here and ask to be admitted. I look forward to answering your questions.


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BoFW: Should you ask existing customers for referrals?

By Kathleen Rake


Should you ask existing customers for referrals?

Short A:


Longer A:

Yes. But only if you want to get more work from people who are likely to pay well, pay on time, and give additional referrals.

What do I mean? Well, chances are that a good customer is going to give you the names of people he or she thinks are good candidates for your services. No one wants to make a bad referral; in my experience, at least, chances of a good customer-writer relationship increase when it begins as the result of an already-good-customer referral.

To increase your opportunities for good referrals, first confirm that this customer is happy with the work you are doing or have just completed, then ask questions (see examples below) that begin with who, where, which, or what, and don't forget to find out if you can use the current customer's name when you reach out—better yet, ask if your customer would make an email introduction.

  1. Who else in your industry would benefit from the kind of work I do?
  2. Where else do you think I should be looking for work like this?
  3. What other departments in this company ... ?
  4. Which of your suppliers ... ?

Warning-do not ask for referrals-unless you want them

Are you a writer who wants to make the move to professional freelancer? We are happy to answer your questions. Ask them here, on Facebook or Twitter, by email, or at Instagram. As we get questions, we'll share them (and our answers) with you here. We will use your name if, and only if, you give us permission.

Look for the hashtags #BoFW and #BusinessOfFreelanceWriting on all our social media platforms ... and please check back often.

 Get paid.


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